Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Composite AV Cables

Composite AV cables are still among the most commonly used cables that you can buy. These are the cables that come in a set of three, including red, white and yellow. They have two outputs for audio and one for video, creating a simple signal that just works.

For older TVs and other components, these cables are the standard. Many people who are confused by new cables or scared of updating are still using these cables today, and there is nothing at all wrong with that. Understanding the different types of cables that are available can alleviate some of that fear and allow you to find better solutions.

Because there is only one cable used to transmit video, composite AV cables are very low quality. For most people, the difference isn't obvious because it is what they are used to. However, a switch to component cables or HDMI could easily change your mind and show you just how much better your picture and sound quality can be.

If you do have an older TV or older game consoles and electronics, you might have no options beyond typical composite cables, which is why it is fortunate that these are still on the market.

Composite AV cables are very cheap because they are so outdated and common. In fact, most people have enough of them lying around their home that they don't ever have to buy any, even if a new device comes up. These have been around for many decades, providing better video quality than cable cords and other cords that came before them, and they are still going strong and helping people enjoy TV and video games today. You can expect to find these cables just about anywhere and you can expect to get a great price on them, as well.

If you actually have to buy composite AV cables for some reason, you should make sure that you are getting the right cords. If you have the chance to upgrade, you should take advantage of it when you can. However, if you are limited to composite cables for some reason, make sure that you don't let someone talk you into a 'better' cable because it won't work. If you need plain old composite cables, newer cables aren't going to work on your devices. It's that simple. Until everyone upgrades to component cables or devices that support better picture quality, these cables will likely remain the most popular option.

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